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You will be impressed by our vast range, consisting of thousands of the finest sterling silver (925) Judaica items for religious and traditional use, as well as a variety of elegant and luxurious gifts which are suitable for any occasion.

World’s best craftsmen

AMAZING SILVER enjoys a fine international reputation for stocking articles created by the world’s best craftsmen such as Hazorfim, Hadad Brothers, Netafim, Masorett as well as Europe’s finest silversmiths.

Worldwide shipping

All our stock is available from our Antwerp shop, where you will be welcome to browse and purchase our selection, or let us ship for you worldwide. A limited selection can be viewed on our website, but do not hesitate to contact us for any item you desire so that we can furnish you with further photographs and details.

Outstanding attention and aftercare service

AMAZING SILVER is renowned for our outstanding and individual attention and aftercare service for each customer.
AMAZING SILVER specializes in gift-wrapping and personal engraving, for that personal touch, and we can deliver to any location.

Satisfied customers

AMAZING SILVER would be delighted to include you amongst our many satisfied customers who enjoy our especially attractive prices and our personal service which is of the highest quality.

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Below you will find a sample selection of our products to view. 
For further information on these or any other items, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Baigel Candelabra
5 lights

Balalaika Candelabra
6 lights

Bagatel Candelabra
5 lights

Diamanty Candelabra
5 lights

Goldwasser Candelabra
3 lights


Madera Candlesticks

Bellagio Candlesticks

Bagatel Candlesticks

Rapallo Candlesticks

Naora Candlesticks


Decanter Holder

Liqueur Decanter Balagio

Grapes Liqueur Bottle

Liqueur Bottle. Pas Prachim

Margarita Liqueur Bottle

Kiddush Cup Sets

Filigree Kiddush Cup Set

Chentoroza Kiddush Cup Set

Kapri Kiddush Cup Set

Bolero Shiny Cup Set

Bellagio Shiny Cup Set


Beaten Serving Bowl

Candy Dish

Traforo Bowl

Keyad Hamelech Basket

Madrid Bread Basket

Etrog Boxes

Naorah Etrog Box

Pearls Etrog Box

Balagio Etrog Box

Pas Prachim Etrog Box

Filigree Etrog Box

Besamim Holders

Filigree Besamim

Bellagio Besamim

Korintos Besamim

Jerusalem Besamim

Filigree Besamim


Waves Traforo Bowl

Gestra Bowl

Passim Bowl

Violet Bowl

Shiny bowl

Havdala Holders

Pearls Havdala Holder

Jerusalem Havdala Holder

Korintos Havdala Holder

Bellagio Havdala Holder

Filigree Havdalah Holder

Honey & Sugar

Honey & Sugar Dish Logus

Honey & Sugar Dish Bagatel

Honey & Sugar Dish Kobalt

Honey & Sugar Dish Chentoroza

Honey & Sugar Dish Chentoroza

Mayim Achronim

Mayim Achronim Balalaica

Mayim Achronim Filigree

Mayim Achronim Bagatel

Mayim Achronim Passim

Mayim Achronim Pas Prachim

Menorah Chabad

Balalaika Menorah

Bagatel Menorah

Rubin Menorah

Supra Menorah

Roma Menorah


Bareket Menorah

Beit Hamikdash Menorah

Merdinger Menorah

Small Bagatel Menorah

Supra Menorah

Netilat Yadayim





Bellagio Decorated Big

Religious Articles

Spirala Torah Crown

Spirala Ashkenazi Rimonim

Flowers Reading Torah Hand

Leather and Silver Siddur

Tora decoration

Salt Holders

Naveh Saltcellar

Bagatel Saltcellar

Margarita Saltcellar

Chentoroza Saltcellar

Logus Saltcellar

Salt Cellars Double

Bagatel Double Saltcellar

Bagatel Neoclassic Double Saltcellar

Margarita Double Saltcellar

Naveh Double Saltcellar

Double Saltcellar

Pesach Bowls & Plates

Chentoroza Seder Bowl

Austin Seder Plate

Bellagio Seder Plate

Filigree Seder Plate

Chentoroza Seder Plate


Bagatel Tray

Octagon Tray

Supra Tray

Roma Tray with Handels

Oval Prima Tray


Bellagio Tall Vase

Big Garda Vase

Margarita Vase

Pas Prachim Vase

Bellagio Decorated Castings Vase

Wine Fountains

Savion Wine Fountain
8 cups

Filgrin Wine Fountain
6 cups

Pas Prachim Wine Fountain
8 cups

Grapes Wine Fountain
6 cups

Wine Fountain
8 cups

Megilah Holders

Kobalt Megilah Holder

Louis Megilah Holder

Chentoroza Megilah Holder

Pas Prachim Megilah Holder

Variente Megilah Holder

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